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Some of the agency's clients and their current publications are listed below. Over the last 30 years we have handled many worldwide best sellers but this is a small, selective agency and we never represent for more than a couple of dozen 'active' authors at a time....                                         

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DENIS AVEY  A recipient of the 'Heroes of the Holocaust' medal, Denis was a war hero who died aged 93 in 2015. His book written with BBC journalist Rob Broomby, THE MAN WHO BROKE INTO AUSCHWITZ was published by Hodder in 2011 and spent several months on the UK bestseller list with sales of over 200,000 copies. Rights have been sold in twelve languages.  Film rights have been optioned.

BARNEY BARDSLEY is the author of the much-praised A HANDFUL OF EARTH, a memoir published in 2007 by John Murray. OLD DOG, the story of how her rescue mongrel kept their family together during the harrowing years of her husband's decline from terminal cancer was  published by Simon & Schuster UK in September 2013.  Much more than 'a dog book', this is a meditation on love, change and loss. Currently writing on the subject of spiritual homeland; the inexplicable sense of belonging which some places we visit evoke. Barney teaches dance and tai’chi and writes an inspirational blog of quite exceptional beauty at 

KATE BRADBURY is a journalist with a passion for making our gardens wildlife friendly and for protecting our environment. She writes regularly for the Guardian and Telegraph, appears on Gardener’s Question Time and is the author of THE WILDLIFE GARDENER which is reissued in September 2017 by White Owl Books. She is also writing a memoir of her year transforming a concreted backyard in Sussex into a wildlife haven. THE BUMBLEBEE FLIES ANYWAY will be published by Bloomsbury in 2018.

ANNIE BROADBENT is a young counsellor who works in the NHS and in private practice She is the author of SPEAKING OF DEATH; what the bereaved really need’, published by Piatkus books and written in the aftermath of her mother’s death. She is a campaigner for changing cultural attitudes to confronting mortality and grief.

EMILY-JANE CLARK is the author of the award winning blog for bleary parents of small children which has had 2 million views. She writes witty and much shared features on the reality of life with babies for Metro, Huffington Post, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and Good Housekeeping. Her first book based on her blog SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK is published by Kyle Books in May 2017.

HAROLD CARLTON’S first novel LABELS was the agency’s first title and sold over a million copies in the US in 1988. It has been reissued along with another fashion-set title HEAVEN, HELL AND MADEMOISELLE by Orion books. His brilliant memoir MARRYING OUT was included in Slightly Foxed Editions alongside classics by Hilary Mantel and Gerald Durrell. Harold is currently writing a new novel, FASHION CRAZY.

LISA COMFORT is the new London sewing queen with her two SEW OVER IT shops and a booming on-line business. Ebury Press publish her two books SEW OVER IT and SEW OVER IT VINTAGE. Her recently launched where she vlogs on all aspects of her life from home decor to make-up to maternity has thousands of followers. Lisa also has a regular column in Prima magazine.

MIKE DILGER is an ecologist, naturalist and well known contributor to BBC’s THE ONE SHOW for the past decade. Mike’s latest book NIGHTINGALES IN NOVEMBER; A YEAR OF BIRDS came from Bloomsbury in 2016 and will be in paperback in 2017. He is currently writing a book about a year of adventures introducing his small son to wildlife.


DAVID DRAKE is an intellectual and cultural historian who has been writing about France for more than 20 years. His magisterial history of PARIS AT WAR 1939-1945 was published in autumn 2015 by Harvard University Press in the UK and US to great acclaim.

SUE ELLIOTT For many years a speechwriter and tv executive, Sue is the author of the hugely successful LOVE CHILD which both told the history of adoption in the UK over the last 50 years and her own extraordinary story. Her biography of the SOE heroine Elaine Madden, SHE HEARD HER COUNTRY CALLING was published by the History Press in 2015. She is the co-author with Steve Humphries of BRITAIN’S GREATEST GENERATION and of NOT GUILTY the history of gay rights which ties in with a C4 documentary and is published in July 2017 by Biteback.

FEVER TREE The internationally known and award winning company who make top of the range spirit mixers are producing the ultimate cocktail book with recipes from barmen at the world’s top bars. Publication with Octopus in 2017.

GEORGINA FUGGLE Her pop-ups Hart & Fuggle are legendary!  She is a brilliant cook, food stylist and blogs at with wonderful recipes.She is the author of TAKE ONE POT, TAKE ONE VEG and ON THE PULSE all published by Kyle Books and is working on a book of modern family recipes.

ROGER GARFITT is a celebrated poet published by Carcanet. His memoir of his rural childhood, Oxford excess and obsessive love, was a book that was written over twenty years. THE HORSEMAN’S WORD is published by Vintage and is simply one of the finest books to have come from this agency in its history.

SARAH GOVETT is the author of THE TERRITORY and THE TERRITORY ESCAPE,the first two volumes of an extraordinary YA trilogy of environmental dystopia. The Guardian called the first volume ‘A 1984 for our time’ and it has been compared to ‘Ten Things I Hate About You’ and ‘The Hunger Games’. It won the first Gateshead YA prize and there is a growing recognition that these books published by small Welsh house Firefly Press, are astonishing. The final volume of the trilogy will be published in spring 2018.

TESSA HAINSWORTH  UP WITH THE LARKS; starting again in Cornwall' was published by Preface in 2009 and was a Westcountry bestseller. The next volume, SEAGULLS IN THE ATTIC; further adventures of the Posh Postie' came out in spring 10 and in paperback in April 2011. The final volume HOME TO ROOST was published in 2012 and was published in paperback in March 2014. In the tradition of Derek Tangye and James Herriot, these heartwarming and humorous stories of downshifting from life as a jet-setting executive to a poor-but-happy rural postwoman are attracting a major fanbase. 

HIGGIDY the wonderful higgidy brand - the homemade pies everyone loves - produced a brilliant cookbook published by Quercus in 2013. More coming soon.

JOANNA HODGKIN (well known as a novelist under the name Joanna Hines) is the daughter of Nancy who was the first wife of Lawence Durrell. Joanna's remarkable memoir of her mother's life with Durrell , AMATEURS IN EDEN, was published by Virago in February 2012 and in paperback in February 2013. Jo is the co-author, with Alex and Marcus Lewis, of a devastating memoir TELL ME WHO I AM a book about truth, memory, brotherly love and maternal abuse published by Hodder in July 2013. Film rights optioned. 

SIMON HOGGART  the Guardian's peerless political sketch writer tragically died in January 2014 at the age of 67. His comic genius was unique and he was in addition a generous, wise and hugely entertaining man. His recently collected columns, HOUSE OF FUN: 20 Glorious Years in Parliament are a superb showcase for his wit and his gift for the unforgettable metaphor. But how very much we miss him.

JULES HOWARD known as ‘The Wildlife Man’, Jules is a young zoologist and wildlife conservationist who appears regularly on TV and radio and writes a monthly column for BBC Wildlife magazine. He contributes to TED talks and is active in environmental education, working with schools to introduce children to the subject of evolution.He has so far taught 125,000 children and feedback is fantastic. Jules is the author of SEX ON EARTH and DEATH ON EARTH both published by Bloomsbury and is described as ‘The Bill Bryson of nature writing’. He is currently writing IMAGINATURE which shows how evolution would have been different if the planet had historically suffered different temperature changes.

MARTIN HUGHES-GAMES is a zoologist who spent thirty years as a producer of wildlife programmes for the BBC before appearing on the other side of the camera. Familiar to huge audiences from primetime BBC Springwatch, Autumnwatch and Winterwatch, he is the author of joyous memeoirs A WILD LIFE published by Corsair.

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